Breakout group: Brianna Fridriksson, Faith Hopkins, David Claeson, Lanie Taylor(Scribe)

Faith: it was a hard piece to read, but it was a good piece because it gave a bunch of background, such as court cases, and what actually happened. Other pieces have given us opinions, but this gives us actual facts and discrimination. It tied it together for me and helped me see why it is such an important topic. 

Lanie(Scribe): brings up how autistic individuals are viewed on how they affect neurotypicals

Brianna: I thought that it was interesting how there is a concept of dividing neurodiverse and neurotypical. They always think that it just ‘happens’ and wanting to fix whatever is going on. Classes, school, medication, etc. Connects that to her high school and how seniors had to have volunteer and she volunteered at a special class at an elementary school. She got to see firsthand how some parents reacted/interacted with their children. How parents are the biggest part of how disabled the child feels. 

David: parents support how they treat their child. It is the most important factor. 

Brianna: Agrees that it is very important. She talked about a little boy how his parent did not want to deal with her child. The parent was completely dismissive of the child’s disability and it affected the child in his confidence in his learning. It does fall onto the parent. 

Faith: agrees with the parent being a big depending factor.

Lanie(scribe): Talked about my cousin and how his parents treated him the same as their other children and that it helped him have a sense of normalcy rather than being treated based on his disability. 

Brianna: relates back to her experience at the preschool

Faith: talks about her mom and how she works with an autistic nonverbal child and how she wanted to include the child. 

Pt: 2

Lanie(scribe): People with any sort of illness is blamed on demonic possession

Faith: Talks about how Frankenstein’s monster is a bad representation of autism because it demonizes autism. 

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