Breakout Group

Lanie Taylor (Note taker), Karlie Jahn, Faith Hopkins, Arden Jones

Arden noticed a theme throughout the readings in how disability is sexualized
Faith: Talks about how people thought disabled people would be better off dead
Faith: Talks about the image from the stories, how the way we put in the narrative to support the healthiness of the main character with the disabled friend.
Arden: Disabled characters are there to uplift the nondisabled character
Faith: Disabled people are there to teach the main characters to enjoy life and that it is not fair because disabled people can enjoy life
Faith: disability as a prosthesis, used as a crutch to perceive normalcy.
Karlie: It is the idea of the main character having the cynical view and when seeing the disabled character, they have a positive change of heart
Arden: Feels that disabled people should be the ones to represent disability, but it could potentially damaging
Faith: Most shows and movies only focus on the struggle of the disability, not the positive aspects
Arden: says that disability is apart of someone, but it should not be the only thing that the show focuses on
Faith: Deaf people almost lost their way of communication by almost being banned from using sign language
Gay people were also considered to be disabled

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