2/23/21 Breakout Room Notes NRNL

Group 2 – Arden, Nat, Alania, Daniella, and Faith

Faith– I like the whole thing with Amy Mollens. I thought that was neat since I haven’t seen much representation of people with disabilities in magazines. You think you would see more of those things, but I really haven’t. I’m not sure what the holdup is.

Arden– Yeah, I don’t know either. Because there are movements, but you don’t really hear about them

Faith– Yeah you only hear about them when they’re an Olympian or something.

Arden– Yeah you usually only hear something when someone has don’t something fantastic or horrible. I feel that only bad stuff is fed to the public in comparison.

Alania– I feel it’s the bad stuff in the media that creates a bad light on the disabled.

Arden– It was really interesting that disability and feminism was tied together. When you read about it, they do have similar problems

Alania– What did you think of the combination? There’s a quote from 260. What’s your opinion on that?

Faith– I’ve never really heard of feminist disability movement.

Arden– They’re two different things

Alania– Yeah, but they go hand in hand

Arden– Yeah that’s the whole thing with identity since there is not just one thing that you identify with. There’s more to a person.

Alaina– The way that I have thought about it is that they want the disability to be more visible but not all consuming. “It’s a part of me, but it’s not all that I am. I am my race, culture, and whatever gender I identify as.” Its can be dehumanizing when you focus on only one thing about a person and disregard the rest.

Faith– Its either all about the disability or its completely hidden.

Arden– It’s hard to find the grey area.

Faith– Disability has no link to a person’s sexuality.

Arden– There is a part of the article where those who are disabled are asexually objectified.

Notes taken by Nat.

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