Breakout Group 2/18

Hannah Foleck (writer), Emily Kile, Emily Litsinger, Benjamin Sweeny, Daniel Huffman

Generally enjoyed book, nice writing style and prose, quick read

D: first 20 pages introduced to 2 characters with disabilities

H:a way to deal with life and mental illness is compartmentalizing

EL: is mental illness considered a disability because it can be invisible and is not commonly seen

B: some people find it hard to consider ptsd a disability, disability is considered something you are born with, ptsd is something you develop

D: called shell shocked, not ptsd, shell shocked sounds temporary, refer to it as ptsd not shell shocked, not easy to come back from

H: temporary disability is not considered as bad in the long run opposed to permanent disability

D: are mental disabilities considered real disabilities

EK:it is possible to be temporarily diabled, ptsd can be recovered from but not everyone, there are ways to cope for some people but not everyone, good days versus bad days, disability is not static. Is there benefit to refer to it as shell shocked because of the time in which the book took place. Benefits and drawbacks of both names

B: different ways of coping with all mental illnesses, physical disability is a little bit different 

EK: never 100% apply a modern diagnosis to historical, even fictional, cases. Such as female hysteria which umbrellaed over so many other diagnoses

B: The yellow wallpaper, noted to have similarities with historical diagnoses of women

D: Eva, did she take her own leg off for the insurance money?

EK: she killed plum, refers back to her own insecurities, forced into the position of a poor disabled mother, as a result she hardened herself against others, showing love in a very fiscal way. Cut herself off emotionally, considered it unacceptable for Plum to act like that as a grown up. 

D: kill or cure, she killed a disabled character because she couldn’t cure him. 

H: won’t let her son revert back to this infantile state, she refused to accept his newfound disability and chose his fate for him.

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