breakout group 2

Brianna, Faith, Arden, Lily

Arden: I hate Jerry.

Faith: My favorite has been Ricky; he gives off an in-between perspective where he isn’t sure how they should change but knows it’s wrong what he’s witnessing 

Lily: Joanne has been my favorite; she inputs and questions things that should change. The electric wheelchairs are not applicable to everyone. 

Arden: All the employees “it is what it is” and “we’re teaching them” but they aren’t, they are teaching them to be in an institution their whole life.

Arden: I really liked Jimmie. I like how she’s trying to be friends with Yessie and takes her out to the concert. So far a good person. 

Brianna: Joanne is my favorite because she appears to be the protagonist even though there’s multiple characters. I would like to see more from Yessie.

Arden: So far Michelle isn’t great. She says anything to get recruits even if it might not be the best for them (like Cherri’s case). 

Faith: I think it’s odd that Joanne is the only employee with a disability and can relate to their situation. Do you think jimmie was given a good character role because she is a lesbian and therefore can relate to their treatment (kinda)?

Brianna: kind of like the island of misfit toys when they can all be different but understand each other from the treatment they received

Arden: Do we know what Joanne was like before her disability? If she was not disabled, would she be fighting this hard for their rights?

Brianna: And that’s kinda the sad way to see it; people don’t care about certain things until it affects them somehow. She wouldn’t have been exposed at this level (childhood).

Arden: I’m glad she doesn’t have self-loathing on her disability. She doesn’t hate herself, it’s just a part of her life now.

Faith: she’s definitely a good role model; she has a job and now a relationship with Ricky.

Arden: Ricky is thankfully not sexualizing her disability, he clearly states he loves all of her.

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