Breakout Group 3/11

Hannah Foleck (writer), Emily Kile, Daniel Hoffman, Benjamin Sweeney

To Kill a Mockingbird

B: Scout dressing up as a Ham symbolizes anything? Ham comes from pigs does that mean anything?

H: ends on a climactic note of the murder of Bob Ewell, the idea of saving Boo Radley from the eyes of the public after killing Bob even though it was in defense of children. There is a worry that he will be accused or condemed for the murder becuase of his disability. “Let the dead bury the dead” why even bring it up to court in the first place

B: Did Bob ewell face justice?

H: would a court case even be righteous? We saw bob get away with essentially murder the first time simply by lying his way through court so why couldnt he do it again? On top of that the only other person in the case would be Boo who has a disability which makes him different giving Bob an advantage over him even if he is guilty. 

B: Harper lee did a poetic justice by killing Bob just like how Tom was murdered. I think he faced justice even though it might have been more satisfying to see him go to court and jail

D: maybe it wouldn’t have gone the same way, the court case, because lee wrote it so that the court is not just, we know what a court case can look like against an innocent man

B: should maybella receive punishment for what she did?

Bibi Haldar

D: man not medicine will heal all, the idea I got from the story

H: i almost expected for the people in the town to find her dead

E: liked it up until the last sentence, couldn’t tell who the “we” was, really liked how they kept pushing to make sure she was ok, continued to try to help her even after her cousin was treating her so horribly

H: how the town continues to help Bibi through the whole story, helping her when she has seizures and when she lives alone and again when she opens her own store to support herself and her baby. 

E: character with the best morals tend to be less interesting to read but the townspeople in this are the ones i want to emulate

H: terrible treatment that comes from her family, the cousin not caring about her seizures 

E: takes all of her agency away by refusing to help her in any way, says he knows what’s best for her but it is actually what’s best for him. Disabled people are seen as a burden for people, especially economically, a harmful mindset, this reading was interesting because the only time there were money issues are when the townspeople stopped buying from him because he treated her terribly.

H: the idea of her being contagious to the baby is just giving her family another reason to hate her and turn her into an outsider. It seems to me that the relationships that she makes with the townspeople and her baby are what helped her 

E: positive relationships cured her

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