Breakout Group 3/4

Hannah Foleck (writer) , Emily Kile, Lauren Reiff, Katherine Blair

L: Connection with Tom Robinson, with arm and the systematic institutionalized racism, especially in the court case. We associate doctors with healers so when we see doctors being evil there is a break where people find it hard to believe. We want to trust our doctors but when it comes to racism or disability there can be lying. There were experiments done on slaves like the nazi experiments

K: the sanbow stereotype, trauma of capture shock and resistance led to the degraded mental state of slaves. Learning about the history of slavery we learned about the poor treatment, but we often gloss over the mental trauma

L: people who kept slaves used the mental trauma as a confirmation bias, when the phys issues emerge from the abuse and rape, they would use this as a reason to keep slaves because they are incapable of taking care of themselves.

H: This would give them a reason to do experiments on other people such as slaves or people with disabilities  

L: comparison to nazis in the way that there are experiments done on people because they are viewed as less than

E: slavery and insitutionalization of people with disabilities and the experimentation is all rooted in taking away the agency of people with their own bodies

L: when someone fought back against the experimenters they would physically disable them to keep them docile for the experiments so they couldn’t fight back.  

E: nazis experiments was rooted in the american eugenics experiments, many of these theories came from america

L: medical records were kept incredible, eugenics was viewed as a very respected field

H: They did not see people who were different to them as real people which allowed them to do these experiments and treat them worse without feeling badly about it

P: connections between eudenicists vs societal impules, slavery compared to the holocaust 

L: “white medicine” vs “black medicine”, viewed as not even human, as though their bodies would not respond the same way with the same medicines. Afircan american people being responsible for their own medicines and not even being treated. 

K: mixed children not truly belonging anywhere, not one really wants them because they don’t belong to the black people or the white people

H: the dad having to pretend he is a drunk in order to be accepted for having mixed children

K: a black person is the same as any person all people lie and there are always bad people, essentially separating him from everyone else

L: Toms hand, the disability emerged from working conditions gives people a reason to separate him even further

K: using his disability as a valid point as to why he couldn’t have done it, and people dismissing the only piece of valid evidence. Interesting how Tom explained his story, May made the first move on him so she had to respond in this extreme way, by accusing him and her entire testimony was made up of lies. 

H: once they started this lie they couldn’t back down, they needed everyone to believe them otherwise they become even less than they already were. There is a sense of shame that comes from being interested in a person of color or someone who is different from you.

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