breakout group 4/8/21

Faith, David, Lily, Karlie

Faith: what Yessie did was irresponsible but I think she handled that very well

Karlie: a lot of development that kind of flip flopped a bit. I fear what she did is gonna keep Jimmie from adopting her

David: I think the ending hinted that she did. My response is just anger. “Oh yes the death was tragic but a reasonable amount of deaths”

Kalie: “how many deaths are reasonable?” “however many we have” really?

David: complete dehumanisation . Also shocked Teddy died. 

Karlie: I knew something was going to go wrong, I was expecting it. 

Faith: It had to happen though, to trigger what Yessie did with the protest

Karlie: Worried for Yessie at first because of what the repercussions are, but then more people joined.

Faith: I liked how Access Now joined in.

Karlie: Mia started supporting herself which was really cool.

Faith: Yeah, and we found out she was abused by her mother

Karlie: Reading that upset me.

Foss: Do you think she is getting to a place where she can talk about it? Willing to confront her past? Silver-lining.

Karlie: she is developing a mature view on the world and at a young age, that’s disheartening 

David: One character Michelle had a weird ending, like no payoff?

Karlie: I liked her ending, she seemed one-dimensional at first. She became more human when she saw the wrong doings and quit

David: instead of empathy she had apathy.

Faith: I wanted her to do more about it, but I’m glad she quit and realized her job wasn’t helping people.

David: when she thought about reporting the conversation of the boss and then said “it doesn’t matter” that bothered me.

Karlie: What did you think of Jimmie adopting Yessie?

Faith: I liked how she saw her as an adult not her child, just roommates.

Karlie: Keeping the friendship alive

Faith: the way Teddy died didn’t sit well with me. Like shows disabled people can’t do things on their own after all.

Karlie: there was something wrong with the pipes too.

David: She could have checked it before leaving though.

New breakout room

Faith: the WHO defined disability and impairment as a disadvantage in the workplace and that irritates me because how are they supposed to get jobs if no one will advocate for them? They need work, too.

David: 79% of disbaled adults prefer to work but only 38% get to work. Even with the ideas of “no discrimination” in the workplace there is still a barrier for them.

Faith: it sucks that they are three times more likely to be below the poverty line

Karlie: a lot of things in that article annoyed me. Just goes to show that our society is not willing to work with disability

David: ableism is ignored and not dealt with upfront these numbers, aren’t presented often enough. The main thing that stuck out to me were the numbers. They are completely brand new to me. A severe lack of information to the public. 

Foss: A lot of these stats are viewed from the census. Especially hard for disabled people from ethnic backgrounds because they find themselves incarcerated school to prison pipeline

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