Breakout room 3/10/24

Lanie, Lu, Shane, and Haley

  • When someone is disabled, their future is actually decided for them
  • Disabled people do not get a lot of say in what they want
  • Instead of wanting to do best for disabled people, non-disabled people want to do what would make their own lives easier 
  • “Your disability is causing ME all these problems”
  • It is like they are punishing people for having a disability
  • Forced assimilation 
  • Prosthetics are used for cosmetic purposes instead of actual aid as a way to conform 
  • People with cochlear implants are treated poorly within the deaf and hearing communities because deaf communities say they are basically hearing, but hearing people do not consider them to be same as them
  • Children with Deaf/HOH say they are aligned with deaf community and there’s debates on if that is okay or not
  • Parents of disabled children want to be rewarded for being parents of disabled children because they see disability as a bad thing
  • Parents/non-disabled people make it all about themselves instead of asking what disabled people want

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