Breakout Room 3/18/2021

Taylor Boris, Daniel Huffman, Keona May, Sonia Joshi (note taker)

Sonia: interesting view of what’s considered a disability, never thought of radiation victims as disabled

Keona: connected to another class, exposure for radiation, eye opening

Daniel: breaking down what is or isn’t a disability and also getting into what defines a disability 

Taylor: interesting that Japanese culture to have a whole word for people disabled by radiation. Prosthetics metaphor?

Keona: prosthetic means “fixed” but not everyone needs those 

Taylor: generalization of prosthesis, everyone under one cloud and needing to expand the definition of disability 

Sonia: good to present the generalization to make people aware and break down their preconceived notions 

Daniel: there’s no signifier for disability, but people think there is Taylor: something you think you would see

Keona: agree. Going back to TKAM, view of disability has changed, related it to physical sight 

Sonia: jokes about severe disfigurement are commonly associated w/ radiation poisoning 

Daniel: non-visible effects of radiation vs. visible, initial radiation makes people physically sick which is disabling 

Taylor: article focuses on can vs. can’t see, which has been a big focus of this class


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