Breakout Room 3/18 Sec. 2 Group 2

Karlie, Faith, Lily, Salem

Faith: P4,Barker +Murray, “Humanisim is means of ….uncodified certainties.” I like how they broke down what that actually meant.

Foss: Defined humanism. What did you all think about the burn-victims of Japan?
Faith: i think it was interesting that there was a specific name for them

Salem: what did the name translate to? Do you all think that giving a specific name to people who experience a particular tragedy, especially one that results in disability (?) like is that othering those people or like, sympathizing with their pain or both? where is the line between like, pity and sadness versus paying homage i guess

Faith: The name was radiation-effected people, I’m not really sure

Karlie: I read it more as like, a label of their medical condition because it’s such an exclusive condition

Salem: that makes sense, but like, at least in the US medical industry they’ve definitely used straight up slurs against people with disabilities as like, the formal nomenclature for their impairment or condition

Faith: it says “disability in postcolonial…as a generic disabling force.”

Salem: so basically, how it affects you as disability on a societal scale versus personal circumstance depends on the culture you come from and the environment you’re in

Faith: Different environments can make you more disabled than others, depending on your physical surroundings that immobilize you. You’re only as disabled as the society around you decides you are.

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