Breakout Room 3/9/2021

Group Members: Elena, Lu, Keona, Katie, Sonia

Elena: Models erase experiences
Sonia: Models create limits, boxes someone in
Keona: No one lived experience, any category creates limits
Elena: relation to Language and Gender
Katie: Limiting potential
Katie: No one experience is the same and that discredits models
Lu: social model doesn’t put the blame on disabled, but they can apply it to any person, which can be harmful. Some things are reserved for certain groups (CODA example). Self-ableism
Elena: education is privilege, higher chance of lack of access if in oppressed group, relates back to shaving legs
Sonia: Ease of discrimination (not putting in a ramp example), pretty scary how subtle discrimination can be
Katie: Awareness increased by this class
Lu: gov’t determines who gets benefits, great controversy because of that, article sent about abortions and down syndrome
Sonia: ties into imagined futures, making the decision for the child
Elena: lack of autonomy, multitude of reasons for abortion after finding out child has autism, chronic illness and pain don’t like model of disability b/c it erases their experience. All ties into capitalism!!
Lu: we can’t define things for other people– imagined futures, no one asks how disabled person feels about decisions
Sonia: cure or kill is back
Elena: placing worth of disabled people on their cost of existing, think about people in relation to abled lives
Katie: base disabled lives off the lives of abled people, very corrupt
Elena: bring it back to capitalism, rise of communes on TikTok (community that is egalitarian is ableist fantasy, disabled people can’t perform physical labor, which is how that society works)

Elena: Underwood editorial and the premise of not shooting mockingbirds, similar as men saying “I would never hit a woman”, doesn’t make me feel empowered, preventing violence against women but still misguided
Sonia: relates back to “I didn’t know it was ableist”, doesn’t actually help the issue because there’s no action taken, what are you doing about that?
Elena: “band-aid fixes”, saying you’re not one way or wouldn’t do something actually addresses the issue but still comes from place that creates the issue, a lot of people don’t know what it’s like to be disabled, still others people

Sonia: blaming Tom Robinson for his death b/c of his disability, instead of the people who shot him
Elena: erases experience of disability, chances of dying would have been similar w/ escape, circumstances are dire
Katie: 17 shots was way more than needed
Elena: relates to shooting of black people, excessive shots, clearly because of racism
Keona: agrees with that, all intersections play a part in discrimination

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