Breakout Room Discussion 4/15

Bryce, Alaina, Lily, Faith, Nathalie

Focusing on Ashkenazy

Alania- I did enjoy the beginning where she was talking about how her skin color allowed her to blend into different cultures which is not something that a lot of people are able to do.

Bryce- Yeah, she’s multi-racial so she has many features that allows her to blend in wherever she goes. Sor of being how she mentioned that that is when she feels the most accepted or welcomed into a group. She can just walk in anywhere and people would assume that that is where she is supposed to be. On the flipside of that being autistic there is a bit of a barrier for her. There’s a sort of dichogamy between the two

Alania- With autism and other disabilities you are immediately others but with being multicultural she is both and insider and an outsider

Bryce- I thought that the part where she was talking about the microaggressions where she mentioned – people would look at her and say why are you doing that and that makes it difficult but not really which is sort of pervasive or it spans into her disability. When people say “oh I have this” they use that and all their preconceived notions about it and say this is how you’re supposed to be this

Faith- Yeah, I really liked that part. I hate stereotypes that people may have toward others. I dislike that so much and it definitely doesn’t help that the media 

It gets me confused when people claim to have something, and they get it from just one trait from the disorder

Alania- It’s like people take the simplest things from stereotypes to feel validated.

Bryce- It almost waters down peoples’ actually lived experiences. The people who actually have it aren’t being taken seriously since its lost its importance.

Faith- Yeah, I like that phrase since it represents the struggle-

Alania- One of the things that stood out to me is that people with autism and who are also people of color have to follow the strict roles that society has set out for them

Bryce- Yeah like in those communities having mental disabilities can be a source of shame for the person and for their family – I think she talked about how having to act a certain way and if your autistic and you’re not picking up on norms than you’re expected to pick up on the norms others pose you’re considered strange because you’re not understanding what people expect you to know

Alania- A lot of what gets me is that people who seek a diagnosis is not believed because they do not match the stereotypes – male dominated autism

Scribe: Nathalie L

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