Breakout Rooms 2/25/2021 recorded by Zachary Welsh

Members: Zachary Welsh, Taylor Boris, Jessie Harper, and Daniel Huffman

To Kill A Mockingbird:

Jessie: What do you think of boo?

Taylor: He’s an enigma that’s for sure. After taking this course, reading this book feels different and there’s things that I hadn’t noticed before.

Jessie: I dont think hes a monster like everyone thinks he is

Daniel: Why do you think Lee included his character?

Jessie: If it wasn’t for boo I don’t think the kids would’ve considered the race issue as much.

Daniel: Speaking in terms of race and disability, I can’t help but feel like we have to discuss them together. 

Jessie: No, they definitely run parallel with one another. I can’t wait for my kid to actually read this book so I can get their perspective on it. 

Zachary: I feel like Boo kind of represents the stereotypes that are associated with people with disabilities. Like these characters know nothing about him and yet he’s described as a recluse and a freak or when he’s called a malevolent phantom. And I think it’s interesting because even today people stereotype disabled individuals even without knowing anything about them, so its an important thing to discuss..

Taylor: Yeah that’s definitely true, I think that’s a good point.

Daniel and Jessie: I feel like he might be on the spectrum but I could be wrong. 

As Good As It Gets:

Taylor: It talked about the queer side of disability which I thought was interesting because I feel like that’s one of the most marginalized groups that aren’t talked about. 

Jessie: Yeah that group in general isn’t talked about. 

Taylor: There’s a lot of good points that are brought up in here 

Jessie: Yeah it’s like a whole group that isn’t even talked about here 

Daniel: No one ever breaks down the LGBT community so it was really nice to get an article about that 

Taylor: I feel like this reading talks a lot about how there’s a lot more to people than others assume.Jessie and Daniel: This is such a massively under talked about group because people don’t think about them.

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