Feb 16 break out room

Nathalie, David, Faith, Karlie, and Arden

  • BLM and Disability movement was an unlikely pair
    • We had never heard about the people involved before
  • We see a lot of movements about race, sex, and gender
    • It isn’t really intersectional or there is a lot of people who don’t talk about disability
    • A lot of police brutality is against disabled people
  • The movements were separated but also together and that was confusing
    • It was a separate movement but they were intertwined with the end game
    • One or the other part will get lost in the movements
  • Some thought it was a bad idea to intertwine the movements because they may all be in a person they all are different levels 
    • One person is not the focal point but rather a general population
  • ADA movement is all done with different disabilities but the common goal was more equality with people for disabilities
  • Things need to be separate in movements but there is a grey area that needs to come through to create the right movement 
  • Maiming isn’t being put into statistics its only about killing 
    • It feels like they are put on a back burner 
    • Societies don’t make thing easier for them it really is to each their own

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