Feb 18 break out room

Daniella, Karlie, Nathalie, Lily, Salem:

  • Talking about chicken little and how he died young
    • This relates to power dynamics
    • When you have more power you can get away with anything
      • It was disturbing to read
    • Nobody went after him and went to check
      • This seems like an literary choice
      • Its strange no one went after him
  • The death of Plum fits into kill or cure 
    • The addiction part was a very sad part where it was just you knew there was no coming back from this
  • Hannah’s burning to death scene was one were we saw Sula react and not in the way anyone would expect her too 
    • People would think that Sula would react more violently but rather the fact she was “interested” causes one to ask if it that she has something else going on in the disability spectrum
  • Nel is sort of the caretaker for Sula like George and Lennie
    • Sort of like the chicken little scene where Nel is protecting Sula even after she throw him in

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