Feb 2 break out room

Karlie Jahn, Arden Jones, Salem Smith, David Claeson, Nathalie L

  • Over compensation is awful 
  • Using terms that make you feel better isn’t how you should go about it 
  • Disability versus person first shouldn’t be so over done
  • People who are marginalized understand but those that don’t face opposition don’t understand how they put those into separate categories and “othering” them
  • Special education and putting into separate rooms makes the children feel different and more ostracized 
  • Things that are normalized shouldn’t be and are making things worse for those that might not be able to communicate 
  • A lot of times people talk over those that are disabled when in reality they should be able to talk 
  • Reclaiming words seems to sometimes be ignored because people feel uncomfortable
  • Some reclaiming is super positive but you have to be careful 
  • Words are only reclaimed for those that they relate to 
  • Not every slur is being taken and reclaimed 
  • Some words are only slightly reclaimed and trying to see what is seems as a slur vs a reclaimed word
  • Disabled is not the same for everyone

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