Jan 28 class break out room

 Karlie Jahn, Salem Smith, Alaina Taylor, Daniella Colon-Cosme

  • Disability is seen as a unspoken topic
  • Sickness and disability is seen as unnatural- makes it feel not human
  • Docs the negative represintation of them
  • Can be truly empowering with those that are well known and how they were made known by the things that came from their disabilities 
  • Disability is seen as a double edged sword that can empower or dehumanize
  • The depictions of historical and religious figures in Christian works are seen as perfect and unobtainable which is just untrue 
  • That disabilities are shown as grotesque and disgusting when depicted 
  • Tv and medias are now warming up to the idea of disabilities being positive ie. powerpuff girls and not having to take a gender norm job due to their lack of fingers

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