Feb 25 break out room

Karlie, Haley, Faith, David, and Alaina:

To kill a mockingbird:

  • Reading or a second time has opened the eyes to the disabilities that are actually throughout
  • We had only talked about the race aspects never the disability lens
    • Arthur was seen as weird when it was done through race versus when it was done with disability we see he is way more then that and that his character is interesting
  • Reading it for more times and seeing from the different points of view
    • We see the forced otherness of all the characters including Scout and Arthur

The article:

  • “Everyone is disabled”
    • Probably not a literal claim but could be a there is no “normal”
    • To make the idea of disabled as a outside thing that’s abnormal
    • Everyone is a part of that otherness and that some are just more so than others
    • Trying to create a sameness instead of otherness
  • Severely disabled
    • May be trying to bring the world to a new meaning of “severely disabled”
  • Ocd seems to be the reason he is a jerk in the movie
    • It seemed the author had no idea if he liked or hated the movie with his writings
    • It seemed like a very neutral stand point at some points

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