March 20: Break out room

  • Didn’t feel like anything new other then the historic stuff
  • We liked the ADA information
  • Since it is being repeated it sucks that things are seen everywhere
    • The over sexualization of disabled people or telling that they are asexual
  • We like the part about “how would the government define disability? How could they?” 
  • Ana didn’t want to claim disability if it was temporary of invisible because it doesn’t affect her as much
  • Companies would take people to court because of the ADA because of their invisible disabilities 
  • Disabilities can be temporary 
  • The idea of comparing people with disabilities to children isn’t the way to do it  they are human too
    • Having to be in private to be able to have sex is something that is harmful 
    • This relates back to the thought of people that have disabilities are seen as asexual because of the idea that they are “unwanted, or childish in nature” which relates back to the forced child mindset 
    • They are adults they should be able to have sex in their own way with their wants
    • It shouldn’t be our business 
  • The idea of consent may be skewed due to the fact people want to interfere because they don’t think they can consent
    •  It almost seems compulsory because of the fact they were “always together” or “always touching” they just didn’t want to be separated

Please excuse grammar or spelling mistakes typing fast doesn’t always make things make sense lol

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