March 9 break out room

Daniella, David, Karlie, and Nichlas second breakout room added Alaina 

  • reminded of Sound of Metal
    • Talking about the system of social models in disabilities and how there is stigmas even around communities like the deaf community and the stigma against being able to slightly hear 
  • Alternative exercises were being done by students with the bathroom and measuring tape with a blindfold on and showing stepping into their shoes
    • This brought up architecture and how a lot of places wont help to make them accessible while keeping it historically accurate or how it is historically protected
  • We all thought it was funny when Scout called out the teacher (without actually saying it to her) about being hypocritical 
  • The excessive nature of how many times Tom was shot was clear that they were looking for an excuse to kill him. 
  • Mrs. Tutti and Mrs. Frutti the prank was one that harmless but brought about a big commotion

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