Room (?) Discussion

Karlie, Alaina, Daniella, and Nathalie

Karlie: It’s a fast read for me, the chapters are short, and the characters are interesting for me.

Alania: I want to crawl through the book and protect Mia.

Karlie: I got so pissed at that chapter with Mia.

Alania: I understand some healthcare facilities are not the best but that is just not okay.

Karlie: I think he is going to get caught.

Alania: How old is Mia again?

Karlie: I think she is seventeen.

Alaina: Then she is still a minor – If he was an adult he could get into real trouble and get locked up.

Karlie: Well I mean Jerry is way older than what I thought.

Foss: Jerry is one of the workers.

Karlie: Yeah, that scene left a really bad taste in my mouth.

Alania: Yeah, and I feel bad for teddy since he has no clue what’s going on.

Karlie: It’s sad that she is going through something so traumatic, and she hasn’t told anyone so no one can help her.

Alaina: – (I missed it. I’m sorry!!!)

Karlie: that scene in the book when he takes the bungee cord and spins her around is so sweet and cute.

Alania: Yeah, it is.

-I missed a little-

Alania: And the way that they talked about the lawsuits really gives the impression that they don’t care.

Karlie: I think it’s interesting that the main guy tom is going away and having vacations while others are trying to figure out ways to solve problems and the financial issues with the center. It’s like the center is a blip on their spectrum which is a shame because they obviously need more help with things.

Karlie: I hope Mia gets her justice.

Alania: I know she’s a fictional character, but I hope this isn’t based on a real story. Either way they all have their own backstories. The trauma Mia is going through is definitely real.

Karlie: What are your thoughts on Michelle?

-cue silence-

Karlie: My thoughts alone I can’t tell if she’s a good person doing bad things or if she is just a bad person doing her job.

Alania: I think she might have moments where she is a good person but… she can have the right thoughts, but she just dopes them the wrong way.

Karlie: That is fair, but I don’t know. She’s a bit of a confusing character for me. She’s money hungry and her character is almost spiteful about things.

Alania: I see that. She just seems like such a flat character now. She neither good nor bad.

Karlie: She’s very one dimensional.

Alania: I did enjoy the moment when the title was mentioned in the dialog.

Karlie: Yeah, I love it when that happens in books and movies.

Nathalie was the scribe.

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