Small Group Notes 3/11

Group Notes – To Kill a Mockingbird

(Taylor Boris, Sonia Joshi, Madison Simpson)

S: Arthur Radley isn’t a dangerous person, but neither is Tom Robinson.  Their characters are made out to be by the town, with the rumors and customs.

T: There’s a lot going on behind the scenes in To Kill a Mockingbird, I think we miss some of the stuff the first time around.

S: That’s the issue.  We don’t know much about Arthur but maybe we’re meant to believe he’s the stereotypical portrayal of infantilization as we’ve seen in previous novels.

M: Another thing is symbolism in To Kill a Mockingbird, which constantly portrays something that is isn’t goes into that same thought.  Tom was seen as a criminal when he wasn’t and Arthur was constantly framed as a danger.

S: Also there’s physical and psychological issues and injury seen in both. If there wasn’t the general understanding of these mental issues or disabilities being projected onto these people by the town, there’s no visible concrete signs of disability or issues in Arthur.

T: I think it’s interesting that there’s a constant focus on the court case and the outward discrimination against Tom Robinson when Arthur Radley receives the same treatment from the town. There’s a wide perspective to be seen.

S:  The court case is supposed to be the focus.  Even in high school it was the focus, but there’s so much more and fascinating story aspects beyond that to be explored.

M: I agree! Lee hits the nail on the head with the symbolism and characterization. 

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