Small Group Notes 3/25

Danielle, Lily (note taker), Shane, Nathalie, Nicholas 

Nicholas- On page four when sign language is mentioned but there is no mention of why this was detrimental to use in terms of the deaf community and was a bit shocking to read- the rational behind this thinking would be interesting to read more about

Lily- There are so many variations within the deaf community in terms of what is preferred or how people chose to be involved so it was interesting reading this point of view especially since everyone has such a different perspective 

Nicholas- Can anyone think of any more current acts of xenophobia that are rooted in the fear or suspicious fear of spread of illness?

Nathalie- Recently there is certainly an outbreak of xenophobia towards Asians and Asian Americans in response to Covid-19 and is unfortunately the reasoning behind a great deal of violence and discrimination within our own country 

Shane- Part of the “fear” towards immigration is the sheer cost of the situation, with the amount of immigrants that are moving into any given society those with xenophobic ideas are more worried about possible crime outbreaks and the toll it will take on the society with the introduction of more individuals

Lily- There is no doubt that many of the so called “fears” are rooted deeply in racism and xenophobia where people are just grasping at straws for reasons they can bring to the table in order to keep immigrants out of our society, which is disgusting in it of itself that these individuals are discriminated against so harshly and looked down upon based solely on their immigration status 

Shane- The term “otherness” can be described in categories as small as accents, different clothing styles or mannerisms…

Dr. Foss- Even their taste in music 

Shane- I think it may even be harder for immigrants to find a sense of community in a new place when they are leaving all that they know and everything they are familiar with behind in order to start a new life in a new area 

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