Breakout Group 1 Section 2 3/2

Brianna, Arden, Nicholas, Daniella, Salem

Tobin-Siebers, Theory in Disability

  • Nick, Foucault on the docile body, what does this mean? p 175
    • Basically the restructuring of the solider is eugenic sentiment, that people can be removed or corrected from the mass population – Arden 
    • P 174, pp 2 “the human subject has no body…dependent on its order”
      • Objects are defined by the language used around them, disability is made such by the language we use about the body 
      • Not all “impairments” are disabilities, some are just pain or cumbersome, but arent cause for people to be “othered”

H. Lee, TKAM

  • Salem- Perpetuating racism cannot be something that’s disabling because that mindset doesn’t have any negative pushback from the white majority
  • Brianna- if you step outside of the norm, it’s separating you from the majority, even if its the right thing to do 
  • Scout is being influenced by ? townspeople and also Calpurnia

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