Major Paper/Project, [Hannah Foleck, Kim Eastridge] and [11 works]

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I have also attached our Google Docs link with our write-up explaining the process, goals, and issues we had while creating this website.

The Creator and the Creation Breakout Group 2/4

Brianna Fridriksson (B), Lanie Taylor (L), Nicholas Bergmeister (N), Aspaisa Sheppard (A)

The Creature: Breakout room 1

B: I think that the first bit of the story where we see, where we get introduced to victor and seeing where the creature begun his origin. It was interesting how the creature was living in the little house attached to the family. It was an ode to a learning disability. How the family took in a girl and started teaching her, while the creature was watching and teaching himself because of how the people would be scared of him. He was on his own in teaching himself, which he is able to teach himself because we see him later being very articulate.

L: I agree. He taught himself and when he stole the books, he taught himself further off of those books.

B: compares to being in another language, where you have to piece in what you know with what you have to figure out things on your own.

A: This might be a bit of a stretch but I feel like the book shows different disabilities or hints of different disabilities. Like Brianna said there’s the learning disability, somewhat of a visual physical disability since it’s a creation and learning to use the different parts.

N: He doesn’t think that the creature has a disability. He looks different, but reminds victor that he is stronger and better than any other human.

B: We can argue either way, it is largely up to interperatation. Looking at both sides, one part, it is victors story, and the other piece where the creature tells his story. The creature has his own mistakes, but is also having to deal with what victor did to him. He was also made up of different parts. The creature could have inhearented something from the parts he was made up of.

A: Agrees that the creature is dealing with the repercussions and consequences because of victor.

B: Marry Shelley is had a lot of children deaths. So that could have affected the story in that way.

L: He wasn’t necessarily “raised” and doesn’t understand right from wrong. Usually if a child is raised by their parent they understand right from wrong, but because the creature wasn’t necessarily raised, he is lacking that right from wrong. So he turns his anger into physical violence.

B: Agrees that he is like a child with an absent parent.

N: He points out that the creature doens’t think he would be accepted, and thats why he wanted someone to have with him. Who accepts him.

B: I think that can come back with disassociation with others who don’t have the disability.

Victor Frankenstein: he Creator: Breakout room 2

L: He is whiney, and is woe is me even though he causes most of his problems

B: We are supposed to simpathize with him because he is human. He created a creature to show that he could even though he didn’t have to

A: I think he was excited to do the creating part of the process but then everything afterwards he was like “yeah no”

L: Why make the creature

B: He sees himself making the creature. like a puzzle, why would he be so scared of the creature coming to life. Its not a beatuty and the situation

L: He might make it to test himself

B: He should have been more happy about the creature

A: I think he sees it as a creation and as science, then when it worked and came to life, he’s shocked. In a way I don’t think he was prepared for what the creature became and what its capable of doing.

B: He didn’t think that the creature wouldn’t have been capable, not so superhuman

B: Sivant syndrome, smart in one field, but doesn’t deal with people.

L: Asperbergs, Victor might have aspebergers, because he becomes so hyper fixed on tasks, is incredibly smart and has social issues. Large bouts of depression and becomes hyper fixiated on tasks. Such as when he was hunting the creature and essentially killed his dogs in the hunt. and almost dying himself.

A: I’m trying to think of an example but the only one I can come up with is kids with toys. They’re excited to get the toy and have the new toy but as soon as it’s unboxed and in their hands, they have already moved on. For the disability lens, he seems disconnected from things that are happening. I’m not sure about what disability(s) Victor has but it’s possibly schizophrenia or asbergers?

N: Thinks more of a character with a personality disorder. When he is talking to the judge, he fits the picture of identity disorder, or illusions. Grandiose, or disillusioned.

B: He is irresponsible, he has a large ego